The structural steel department consists of three main areas: a large warehouse, main fabrication area, and a cleaning/painting area. All of these are incorporated in our 65,000 square foot building. There are a variety of state of the art cutting, welding, drilling, and punching machines.

Here are a few:

  • Computer operated drill machine
  • Computer operated angle punch and shear
  • Multiple band saws
  • 10 overhead cranes, floor operated
  • Multiple torch plate burning machines
  • Plate shears
  • Numerous wire feed welding machines
  • Powered rollers
  • Rebar bender and cutter
  • 12 trailers, which are used for storage

The shop is capable of fabricating beams and columns of all sizes. It does everything from beams for residential homes to large trusses for school gymnasiums and auditoriums. The cranes carry up to ten-ton and cover the entire area of the facility. The shop has fabricated all types of structures from simple multistory structures to complex hip and valley roofed buildings.